are you lover of good music
quality Sound Check?
then this graffiti headset is you...

also comes with an audio quran in the memory card.


the new upgraded graffiti 5.1 headset Bluetooth 


1. COMPATIBILITY WITH MAC AND WINDOWS – Compatible with Mac or PC and forget about old clunky headset, this graffiti headset connects easily with Mac and Windows


2. SUPERIOR SOUND QUALITY- The Headset produces superior sound quality with powerful  bass and treble


3. Soft On The Ear – The headset is made with quality earmuffs which makes the headset soft and breathable


4. Comfortable to wear and good air permeability


5.Long working time: charging time 1hours, 10 hours Endurance time, 20 days standby time.

How much does this cost?

  • 1 Headset (Plus free 4gb memory card) Is 350 cedi
  • 2 Headset (Plus free 4gb memory card) Is 700 cedi
  • 3 Headset (Plus free 4gb memory card) Is 1000 cedi

Please for God’s sake, do not fill this form or make an order if you do not have your money ready Or You will be traveling Out Of your location.