Get A Smart video, Audio and picture recording pen Camera To Record Your Classroom Learning, Office Meetings, Seminars, Conference Meetings And intelligent Investigations. (with Super high Speed of 32g Memory Card).


 A Spy Camera Pen 12000000 Pixel.


i. Professional 1920P HD lens 12000000 pixel HD camera pen helps you capture every detail more clearly and accurately, so that you can enjoy the ultimate visual enjoyment when watching video. 

iI. Small size, easy to carry, save space. Whether you are hiking, traveling or at home, you can use it to capture the information you need. 

III. Equipped with USB data cable, convenient data transmission, can charge the battery through the computer or laptop.

IV. Power on: long press the switch, the red LED light is on, and the machine starts. The red LED flashes once, and the machine enters the standby mode. Click the switch button and the red LED flashes once to take a picture. In standby mode, long press the on key and release the switch when the red light flashes to start recording.

V. Close: press and hold the on key for more than 3 seconds. When the red LED goes out, the machine turns off. 


1. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

2. Connectivity Technology; Wired. 

3. it is Portable. t I

4. Battery Powered.

How much does this cost?

  • 1 Camera Pen  (Plus free 8gb memory card) Is 400 cedi
  • 2 Camera Pen (Plus free 8gb memory card) Is 700 cedi
  • 3 Camera Pen (Plus free 8gb memory card)  Is 1100 cedi

Please for God’s sake, do not fill this form or make an order if you do not have your money ready Or You will be traveling Out Of your location.